Unfortunately, the Governor/Legislature has proposed a state budget that eliminates funding for the continued operations of the Centralized Eligibility List also known as CEL, as of
July 1, 2011.

What this means is the “County List”, also known as SJCEL, that your family may have been waiting on is being eliminated as of July 1, 2011. However, the subsidized child care and preschool program funding is still available in San Joaquin County.

If you are still seeking free or reduced child care services or preschool programs in your area, you will now need to directly contact the provider or preschool site of your choice to make sure you are on their individual wait list.

If you do not need any services at this time, but may need services in the future, you will need to directly contact the provider or preschool site as there will no longer be a County waiting list.

Below is a listing of subsidized child care services or preschool programs you may contact directly to request being placed on their individual wait list:

Lincoln Unified – Part-day Preschool 209-953-8731)  www.lusd.net

Lodi Unified – Part-day Preschool 209-331-7252)  www.lodiusd.net

Manteca Unified – Part-day Preschool 209-858-0846)  www.mantecausd.net

Stockton Unified – Part-day Preschool 209-933-7380)  www.stockton.k12.ca.us

Tracy Unified - Part-day Preschool 209-836-5236)  www.tracy.k12.ca.us

South-West Park Part-day Preschool (Tracy) 209-830-3335)  www.tracy.k12.ca.us

Head Start Child Development Council, Inc. 209-466-5541 www.hscdc.org

Child Development, Inc. (Tracy)  www.cdicdc.org
    Wanda Hirsch site 209-836-0977
    Melville Jacobson site 209-832-8799
    South School site 209-834-1725
    Art Freiler site 209-835-1869
    Wicklund site 209-832-5834

Creative Child Care, Inc.  www.cccisj.com
    South County sites 209-234-2486
    Martin Luther King, Stockton 209-943-2403
    Creative Kids, Manteca 209-825-5437
    Porter Way, Stockton 209-477-5063
    Conway, Stockton 209-465-3851
    Sierra Vista, Stockton 209-465-4557
    The Plaza, Stockton 209-888-5863
    Alpine, Stockton 209-323-5543
    Eden Square, Stockton 209-462-2282
    University Kids Park, Stockton 209-939-9270
    Creative Head Start – Tam O’Shanter, Stockton 209-956-2686
    Stockton Adult School, Stockton 209-933-7455 ext. 1418
    Small World, Stockton 209-952-9334
    New Directions, Stockton 209-941-4093
    Oro, Stockton 209-547-1820
    Rosa Parks, Stockton 209-808-6089

Community Action Partnership 209-983-0655   www.capslo.org

El Concilio 209-337-7502  www.elconcilio.org

Family Resource & Referral Center (county wide services) 209-948-1553  www.frrcsj.org

Hawkins-Thompson Child Development Center (Tracy) 209-835-7877

McKinley Village Child Development Center (Tracy) 209-832-7844

National Human Development Foundation (Galt) 916-745-2817  www.nhdf.biz

Professional Association for Childhood Education Alternative Payment Program
707-585-0600 x105  www.paceapp.org

First Steps Children’s Center 209-644-5321

San Joaquin Delta College Child Development Center 209-954-5700

Centralized Eligibility List